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Oriental rug cleaning Equipment
A Cleaning Process that makes sense
Take a Look How Easy it is to Clean, Oriental rug.
Heavy-duty aluminium Build for life
Electric box builds for the customer need
Hand made Vacuum Tank
Automatic Electric Box
That You can maintain yourself
Adjustable Vacuum
To control the suction for every rug.
Vacuum, Floor,  The Cle,  The Cleaning System "MDM"
Vacuum, Floor,  
The Cleaning System "MDM"
The MDM machine is a Stationary
MDM Fully automatic system, build with high quality Components, to last for generations.
MDM Fully automatic system, build with high quality Components, to last for generations.  
Ramp up to attain the needs for the 21st Century

The “XpetPee” Automatic Vacuum Floor Machine, combine with the Organic cleaner, design, especially for pet owners that treasure the Oriental rugs, and the Art on the Floor. 

Gentle cleaning process, and the 100% total urine odor removal.

Weigh the benefit you will gain by holding the “XpetPee” Vacuum floor machine.

We all know (Carpet Rug Cleaning Industry) that the Pet industry growing! And the needs to remove the pet accidents from: carpet, Area Rug, Furniture, become to the Carpet Cleaning main income, and one of the greatest challenges for the rug cleaning industry. 
Urine Odor Removal.

Every carpet cleaner knows, the Rugs that coming from pet owners, in most cases is clean from grime and filth, however the main reasons customer need the Oriental rug Antique Rug to be clean is the Pet Pee Pee Smell.

And Hear the Perfect machine to this occupation.

“XpetPee” is An Automatic vacuum floor that crate suction under the: Rug, Pillow, Antique rug, Blanket, and many more.
The “XpetPee” made from 3/16 Heavy aluminum, handmade, build to fit the space of your warehouse. One worker need to complete the cleanup.

The “XpetPee” eliminate completely the need to utilize all the machines: Dust buster, Submerging Bath, Wash Tub, Roller, Scrubber.

To run the “XpetPee” machine simply place the Oriental rug at the base, adjust the system, the Dead Sea cleaner will flood the, Oriental rug on the upper side, the suction from under the rug, will vacuum all that is on the upper side of the carpet, all the cleaner will break through the rug, pillow and sing with him along the way to break down all the dirt, dust and the urine crystals.
All of this will settle down into the vacuum floor pan, and flash to the sewage automatically.

So the Oriental rug, will always get clean, solution, and because we will never touch the, Silk/wool/cotton, nap in the wet cleaning process, the rug will remain strong, and healthy looking. (No fuzziness caused by the scrubber or the roller.) 

Depending on the urine condition, the time of the cleaning process may vary. 

However the Guarantee, "urine odor removal" will be your reputation.
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Automatic filter cleaning
The MDM Machine Build with High Quality Aluminum grade, and Avery part weld by hand
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