We’re, "Oriental rug Cleaning Equipment", 
PetPeePee System. We wrote the book on, Cleaning and removing Urine odor Natural! 

PetPeePee service has been, Oriental rug and Draperies, cleaning service since 1991, the year our founder, Mr. Meir Dean Martin, invented and build a home-based the “ XpetPee”, Urine odor, Oriental rug cleaning business. Today, still family-owned.

Our familiar, PetPeePee Statement, delivers A Guarantee, that stand above all the, Carpet Cleaning Services Worldwide.  

From years of experience, we know that, Organic cleaning (Dead Sea Minerals) helps to protect your, wool or silk Oriental rug. 

Our proprietary, cold water, combines with "Dead Sea Minerals", and by using the "XpetPee" Vacuum floor machine. The method provides all users, the confident urine odor removal easily, and you can use it to grow your business. Give to your customer A written guarantee, Total urine odor removal without using any Deodorizer or enzyme, that we know It is not working.  

Meir Martin, My system work to a perfection, Please See the reviews on Angie's list. 

Mr. Meir Martin, manufacture the "Oriental rug cleaning equipment". We provide training, support, and Idea for a service that you enable to provide today.
1. Furniture cleaning from Cat urine odor.
2. Cleaning rug from Cat urine odor and provide Guarantee odor removal.
3. Unique padding for Oriental rug.
4. Drapery cleaning from urine odor.
5. Cleaning unique items from Urine odor. Visit petpeepee.com/unique items.
Meir Martin, President
Building the Oriental rug cleaning Machine in, Cleveland, Ohio 2006 
The "XpetPee" Machine is, Hand Made that will last for Generation, Guarantee.
Electric Box that is easy to operate.
Automatic Electric Box
That's easy to fix and maintenance. 
Design and Build By Meir martin
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Automatic Electic Box Build and Design by Meir Martin.
Meir Martin. I am A wildlife Photographer and I care for the, Birds and Nature
I am a wildlife Photographer, that cares about Birds and Nature.
Therefor I invented the Organic Cleaner from the, Dead sea. 
In 2006, I open a branch of PetPeePee, in Cleveland Ohio.

It takes 2 months to build the warehouse and Train the owner,
 Mr. Larry rose.
arfontetlly the time was from a booming economy in the course of the 2007. The business close and all the equipment return to me.
Mr. Larry Rose left the carpet cleaning industry. 
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 Meir Martin: Inventor of PetPeePee system, the Natural cleaning products, The Dead Sea Minerals, and the name PetPeePee Pet Pee Pee is TM.
Building the Oriental rug Cleaning Machine in Cleveland, Ohio 2006

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Oriental rug cleaning Equipment
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