"XpetPee" Machine A Cleaning process that makes sense

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Oriental rug cleaning Equipment
Machine that’s makes sense The XpetPee Oriental carpet cleaning machine.
​Fab 12.2017 By: Meir Martin

Oriental carpet cleaning machine.

My name is Meir Martin I’m the owner the inventor and the builder of the revolutionary cleaning machine it’s maned the “MDM”.

Simple, straight forward and to the point. 

The "XpetPee" machine design to clean Oriental rug, area rug, needlepoint, latex, wool carpet and any type of carpet. pillows such as Down feather or ordinary foam pillows.

80% of Oriental carpet cleaned because the dogs or the cats has been urinated on it. 
The "XpetPee" machine combines with the Dead Sea cleaner, provides any carpet cleaner the ability to clean the Oriental carpet without using all the carpet cleaning machines such as: a scrubber, a buffer, a roller, a centrifuge machine, a high-pressure water, squeeze and an elbow grease.
The "XpetPee" machine protects the Oriental carpet and a specially the antique vegetable color Oriental rug.

How does is work:

The Oriental carpet laid on the vacuum floor, adjust the machine to the right time, press on the button to start the process, sit down, have your coffee beside you and look at the tube that show you what’s coming from the rug.

Everything done by the touch of the button, open and close valves.
Every rug would be wash from 700 gallon water to 10,000 gallons of water depending on the condition before the job begins.
The benefit of the "XpetPee" machine.

   1. You can offer a 100% guarantee in writing, dog or cat urine odor removal permanently.
   2. Advertise that your cleanup operation is organic.
   3.Tell your customers that your cleaning product is odor free.
   4. One man could make the cleaning process.
   5.  The system "XpetPee"
   6.  will clean itself easily.
   7. Never clean the filter with your hand.

    High grade aluminum vacuum floor machine, and heavy duty control box, will hand you a piece of mind for many years to do. To know more about the "XpetPee" the Oriental carpet cleaning machine”

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A Cleaning Process that makes sense
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