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Rug Cleaning & Washing Equipment.
​Oriental rug, Area Rug cleaning equipment. Know more about the “MDM” Vacuum cleaning Machine. The question that will Clearfield the New Machine.

Q. How much does it all cost?
A. The MDM machine is a custom built, to fit your work volume.

Q. Can you give me an example?
A. By the volumes of your work. We will design the size and the automation you request. 

Q. How long it will take to build and set up the MDM?
A. Depending on the size, from 90 to 120 days.

Q. Will you provide (sale) the MDM to my contest?
A. For the first two customer it will be explosively for the 100mills radius.

Q. Will you have a training plan?
A. Yes

Q. Do you sale the Dead Sea cleaners? 
A. To the one that operate the MDM machine only.

Q. Do we have to pay for the Training?
A. Oriental rug cleaning process is Included in the price.

Q. Do I have to sign any document?
A. Yes 1. Non-Compete. And more.

Q. Do you provide insurance for the MDM MACHINE?
A. The MDM Machine has a lifetime warranty on all the Aluminum parts. The motors and pomp have the manufactory 90 day warranty. 

Q. Can I see how it works?
A. Sign of the non-compete and you are welcome to my warehouse any time.

Q. What can I benefit from the MDM Machine?
A. If you are cleaning Oriental rug for a long time you probably have all of these machines that in the Pictures.        YOU don't need any one of them anymore, one worker can do the cleaning easily. 

Q. How do I get more detailed information?
A. Please fill in the form below, we will contact you and provide you with estimate price. If the cost is in your         budget, we will arrange the time, to visit your location. 

Q. How do I know more about you, before I fill the information?
A. Please visit Meir Martin on Google or PetPeePee.com/about us.
The weightiness of the roller on the rug will tear the institution and will shorten the anticipated lifetime of the carpet.
Submerging bath. The Oriental rug swims and clean in his on Pet Pee Pee
Imagine 11x17 Oriental rug, how long it will need to finish the task?
Dust basted machine design to go on floor mat not Oriental rug.
Do You Still Use This Old Technology?
Adjustable vacuum machine tank
Cleaning several rug in one time. Every rug getting a Clean water (The Dead Sea Cleaners) all the time
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MDM the Vacuum floor in the assembly process, Ohio.

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Oriental rug cleaning Equipment
Oriental rug, Area Rug, Needlepoint Carpet, Latex Rug, Pillow, Blanket, 
Antique Oriental Rug: 
Cleaning and Washing Equipment.
"MDM" Machine Investment for your Future
It is so easy to remove cat urine odor From: Oriental rug, Pillow, Area rug, antique rug,Jute Area Rug, and more.

Just place the Oriental rug/rugs on the Vacuum floor and with a mere task, The Area Rug will be laundered in a Revolutionary Way. Through the Oriental Carpet.

And more! Give to your costumer a written Guarantee, 100% Clean and Urine odor removal, without using all the, Deodorizer or Enzyme, that mask the urine odor for a short time.

Limit yourself from Scrubbing or lifting the wet, heavy rug.

The Vacuum floor “MDM” will save you time, one-man operation, and the task will be performed in the proper manner.

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New Way-MDM
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