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A System 
That Make

Leap from the Stone Age (Submerging bath) to the 21st century “XpetPee”.

“XpetPee” Cleaning and Urine odor removal Machine.

Cleaning all types of Rugs and furniture (pillows) from, urine odor becomes the primary concern for many of us,
 The Carpet cleaning industry.

The "XpetPee" machine will extend you the tolls to consider out, the Cat or Dog urine odor easily.

Catch the video how PetPeePee Company does it, and you will agree, yes it makes sense.

The “XpetPee” machine is a handmade machine that will last for a lifetime, Guarantee.

Start the process by contacting us today.

Electric box builds for the customer need
Automatic Electric Box
That You can maintain yourself
Adjustable Vacuum
To control the suction for every rug.
Vacuum, Floor,  
The Cleaning System "XpetPee"
The "XpetPee" Machine is Stationery 
"XpetPee" Fully automatic system, build with high quality Components, to last for generations.
"XpetPee" Fully automatic system, build with high quality Components, to last for generations.  
Know the Quality of the “XpetPee"” Vacuum floor Machine.

XpetPee machine builds from 3/16 or 1/4" heavy gauge Aluminum.

The "XpetPee" builds during the hard work of cleaning, Oriental rug, Furniture, Drapery Area Rug, and Carpet wall to wall. During the cleaning process from dirt and soil the urine odor becomes more difficult, and especially cat urine, the hardest to be transferred. 

This contributes to acquiring a machine that will endure eternally, and can work with the Dead Sea Minerals.

To build a Machine/system that needs less maintenance, and can operate with less vacuum, less Electric power, or low water volume. 

The "XpetPee" system, water pipes is copper, the water valve is one of the top quality available in the market today.
For example the 4” valve it takes so many models and style, until we find the right one.

Water Pomp, vacuums, flooding switch, valves, will be easier access to be replace.

Filter: Never clean the filter by hand, the new design will give you the benefit to clean the vacuum floor from: dirt, heir, urine Easily, by open and close valve.

All the bolts and nets made from Stainless steel, design to stand the “Dead Sea minerals”.

The electric box Design and build with the relay technology. So always you can fix it easily.

The "XpetPee" is almost Maintenance free, and it will be operated by one worker.

Contact us today and let us show you what you can offer to your customer the you can't offer until today. 

3/16 and 1/4" aluminum, will last a lifetime.
Vacuum Tank system. Control the Vacuum Section.
Electric box Relay technology
Vacuum, Floor,  The Cle,  The Cleaning System "MDM"
The "XpetPee" machine is a Stationary
Hand made Vacuum Tank
Having A Hard Time to Remove Cat urine odor from Oriental rug?

Put in the "XpetPee" Vacuum Floor Machine and find out how Easy it is to remove Urine odor from all Types of Oriental carpets. 
By operating the "XpetPee" Machine/Equipment and Using the Dead Sea Minerals, your service will become Organic.

The "XpetPee" will cut drastically the Cleaning rug time, and Manpower.

It makes sense to be organic, and provides a Guarantee, oriental rug urine odor removal.

Clean Items that you were unable to clean before Jut rug from pee odor.

Heavy and Thick Oriental rug, latex area rug that saturated with Urine odor.

Provide a Padding, for Oriental rug, Area Rug that was treated with the, Dead Sea Minerals. 
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60 years old Antique Oriental rug, very strong dog urine smell
80 years old Antique Pillow/sofa, Cat very strong urine smell
Come to our warehouse and see how we do it 
​Cat urine odor and stains on Neadlepoint Carpet.
It is easy with the "XpetPee" machine to remove the Urine scent
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Review Date: June 04, 2015
Member: Dan Fannon
19 Conklin Street
Poughkeepsie, NY 12590
Category: Oriental Rug Cleaning
Services Performed: Yes
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Work Completed Date: June 01, 2015
Hire Again: Yes
Approximate Cost: $450.00
Description Of Work: Martin did a superb, first - rate job on my needlepoint carpet. It had a large area with urine stains, and he was able to get out the The smell 100%. I didn't think it was possible, but Martin did it. | |Also, his communications were perfect, and the speed in which he did the work and sent the rug back were admirable. I cannot recommend Martin and his rug cleaning service enough. If any of you have a rug with urine stains and urine smell, this is the only place to send your carpet. A+++++
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Company Response: Thank you for your review.
Martin PetPeePee Organic urine odor removal

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